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The leading destination for exquisite genuine pearl jewelry, we offer quality pieces at affordable prices to customers who demand a personalized shopping experience. Our beautiful pearls and creative designs are ‘anything but ordinary’.

Since 1967, the mission of the folks at Pearls International has been to bring our favorite obsession to the masses – Pearls! We believe that nature and artistic expression form two parts of a great whole: Nature provides the pearls, and our skilled craftsmen and artisans provide the artistic expression! The result is a finished product that is more than the sum of its parts. Our genuine unique and amazing pearl pieces will set your heart aflutter because they were designed to help you express your individual style and creativity!

Pearls International is working hard to change the way business is conducted by making sustainability a part of every decision. We constantly strive to make our business more environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and just plain fun for your shopping pleasure!

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Six Great Reasons to Shop Here:

1.We’re family-owned.

We’re small, but mighty! Being family-owned means that your business means a lot more to us! Plus, it gives us a chance to really pay attention to your needs as a customer. When you make a purchase from Pearls International, we actually remember who you are, and we’re happy to take the time to get to know a little bit about your tastes and style.

2. Pearls aren’t the only thing we do! 

That’s right! Pearls are our favorite, but we also do custom work. Need an engagement ring? An amazing anniversary gift? Repairs or resizing? We do it all. Contact Pearls International Customer Care for more information!

3.We really want you to be happy with your purchase.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is only the first step! After all, you’re not going to tell everyone you know about us unless you’ve had an incredible experience, so that’s our goal (Pearl Domination!). If you’re not totally satisfied with your pearls, we’ll work with you until it’s true love!

4. Our exquisite jewelry is hand finished RIGHT HERE in our shop. 

Every single piece is carefully inspected by our jeweler on-site before it is carefully hand-packed and personally shipped out to you. We’ll even call to make sure it arrived safely! (Find out more about Jim and all of the Pearls International Pearl Girls here!)

5. We’re unconventional.

We think outside the round white pearl. It keeps us fun and creative! We’re doing things differently around here every day, whether making changes to make us more environmentally sustainable, offering our employees new rewards and benefits to keep them happy and enthusiastic, or identifying exactly what you, as the customer are really looking for!

6. We actually have a sense of humor. 

It keeps us from being a big, anonymous corporate machine. We love to laugh, and we know our customers do, too. Let’s look at the lighter side of life together!

The Pearls International Difference

Pearls International brings you the most beautiful Freshwater and Saltwater, Akoya, South-Sea, and Tahitian pearls you can find.  Our experts seek out only the most precious and individual gems from around the world to provide to our favorite people: our Customers!

Because each oyster has its own idea of what it wants to create, every single pearl we sell is utterly unique, just like you!  With Pearls International, you can be assured that your lovely piece of hand-crafted jewelry is as individual and elegant as you are!

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Looking for gifts? You’ve come to the right place! We’d bet your friends don’t have a pearl cell phone charm, a pearl bookmark, or a pearl eyeglass chain, and we’re pretty darn certain the fanciest lap dog you know doesn’t own a pearl pet collar! Why not try something different this year and get them a truly one-of-a-kind gift from Pearls International?

Whatever your taste and signature style, Pearls International has what you need for every occasion, so what are you waiting for?

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Happening now on the Pearls International Blog:

Medicinal Pearls


Pearls, surprisingly enough, aren’t just useful for their good looks! In fact, they have been used in medicines for centuries.

The earliest report of this came from two different sources in the 13th Century. A German monk, Albertus Magnus, stated that pearls could heal mental diseases, love sickness, hemorrahage and dysentery. Alfonso the Learned, the King of Castile believed that pearls as medicine cleaned and purified the blood, and recommended it for fighting depression, or any ailment caused by sadness or timidness.

Pearls dissolving in vinegar

Pearls dissolving in vinegar

In the 17th century, an elixir called ‘Aqua Perlata’ was recommended for restoring strength and combatting fevers. It claimed to be almost strong enough for “resuscitating the dead.” This medicine contained pearls disolved in vinegar (or lemon juice). Once the pearls dissolved, fresh lemon juice was added, then the mixture was decanted into a new container where a touch of strawberry, rose water, cinnamon water, and borage flowers were added. It was sweetened with sugar as needed. It was recommended to cover the top of the glass when drinking Aqua Perlata, so as to not let any of the essence escape.

A substance called Gascoigne’s Powder was used well into the 19th century. The chemical make-up of it changed a few times, but it generally required pearls, crab’s eyes, and coral.

One legend states that placing a pearl in your bellybutton could actually cure stomach disorders.

Mikimoto himself, the man accredited with creating the process for culturing pearls, ate two pearls a day for his health.

But is all this “pearls as medicine” stuff really so crazy? In fact, pearls contain a variety of amino acids, proteins,and calcium. Concoctions such as Aqua Perlata likely worked because of the high content of Vitamin C in the juice and calcium in the pearls. And as for Alfonso the Learned’s theory, we can get behind the idea that pearls can fight sadness – our pearls sure make us happy!

Pearl Powder

Even today, pearls are still used in modern medicine. While it is not common in the Western world, countries such as China, India, and Japan have been using pearls medicinally for many years and continue to do so. Pearls that are lower than gem quality are commonly ground up and used as pharmaceutical calcium powder. “Pearl powder” is very common in Chinese medicine. Ground pearls are used as skin treatment to cure acne, reduce signs of aging, and even the complexion. It is also approved by China’s FDA for internal use, where the benefits are said to be that is builds up your immune system by preventing diseases, promotes tissue regeneration, improves vision, stops convulsions, and calms the mind.

You may want to think twice before gnawing on your strand of pearls, however. Oysters are filter feeders and these tiny animals are nature’s vacuums, cleaning toxins like mercury out of the water as they eat plankton and algae. These toxins may be stored up in their shells and in the proteins that make up the nacre of their pearls. While there may be some benefits to ingesting pearls, they might be outweighed by the ill effects. We’d recommend popping a calcium pill instead and saving the pearls for artful adornment.

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The Secret Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Pearls

Pearly Whirly Pearl Fact: Pearls as Medicine


The book of the pearl: the history, art, science, and industry of the queen of gems
By George Frederick Kunz, Charles Hugh Stevenson

A Gem From an Unlikely Source

Peanut Butter Diamonds

Photo from Steve Jurvetson and Certified Su Via Flickr

We’ve all heard of chocolate diamonds, but what about peanut butter diamonds?! Unlike chocolate diamonds, which are named for their color, peanut butter diamonds are actually created from sticky, delicious peanut butter.

Scientist Dan Frost of the University of Bayreuth, Germany, was conducting some experiments to try and learn more about the inner workings of our Earth’s mantle, which happens to be where diamonds are formed. In doing this, he recreated the high temperature and pressure seen well over 800 miles below Earth’s surface. Previous research exists supporting that many carbon-containing materials (which gives us a very broad spectrum of possibilities) can be used to synthetically create diamonds.

In Frost’s experiment, he placed a small amount of peanut butter in between two diamonds within a chamber, then used heat and pressure conditions similar to those found within the earth’s mantle. These conditions began to arrange the carbon atoms in the peanut butter into a more dense configuration. The scientist then bombarded his experiment with sound waves to imitate seismic waves. The whole process took a considerable amount of time and only yielded a stone smaller than .25 carats, but provided a lot of great scientific knowledge.

Rather than using this method to create jewelry quality diamonds, Frost plans to use this knowledge to learn more about the conditions under which the Earth was formed. Using similar methods, specialized diamonds can also be formed for use in lasers and other precision instruments. Adding different elements to the carbon source used to create synthetic diamonds could create stones that are even more suitable for use in industrial applications such as semiconductors. Cool!


The World’s Most Colorful Pearls

Fiji Pearls in shell

If you read our blog highlighting the truly amazing process used to create black saltwater pearls, you already know why we love these little gems so much. Aside from the obvious, of course – they’re gorgeous!

But did you know that our beloved South Pacific oyster, the Pinctada margaritifera, can produce pearls of an even greater variety of hues than seen in Tahitian and Sea of Cortez pearls? Fiji pearls are said to be the world’s most colorful pearls due to the nutrient rich waters that the oysters thrive in. They are found in black and grey, with overtones of silver, blue green, peacock,  and purple, which are often seen in Tahitian pearls. In addition to these traditional colors, Fiji pearls are also seen in bronze or gold instead of the common darker colors, and overtones can include varying shades of blue or green, pinkish red, and even colors as light as tan or white.

Fiji Pearls

Fiji Pearls in gold, cream, grey, bronze, and bright blues and greens.

Pearl farming in the waters surrounding Fiji is relatively new – it only began in 1998. Today, there are only 4 active pearl farms in that area, so these unique gems are quite hard to come by in the pearl market.


This is the newest way to shop!

Pearls International Digital Showcase Screen Capture

Pearls International Digital Showcase Screen Capture


Pearls International is proud to introduce our new Digital Showcase!

We have created many gorgeous custom works for our customers in the past, and now we have found a way to make it easier…and more FUN!

Our new Digital Showcase offers thousands of options for you to choose from when it comes to creating your own special piece of jewelry. You can select from unique rings, engagement sets, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are perfectly suited to your style. We are now even able to offer you loose diamonds and gemstones!

Have your own stone? That’s great – choose your dream setting, metal type, and accent stones and we will set your stone for you!

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person? Our Showcase also offers findings, metals, and jeweler’s tools at great prices!

And if your creative juices just aren’t flowing, our Showcase offers fine, completed pieces that can’t be found in stores.

So how does this thing work? Here’s an example of how to create a customized engagement ring – we took the same setting and made two very different pieces of jewelry! (Click the images below to make them larger.)

How to Use the Showcase

We selected this gorgeous halo engagement setting. Here are some of the options the Showcase gave us!

Showcase Ring B

For our first ring, we decided to go with yellow gold. This one has a round diamond with emeralds, peridot, and more diamonds as the accent stones.

Showcase Ring A

For our second example, we chose white gold, a square cut diamond, and sapphire, tanzanite, diamonds, and aquamarine as our accent stones. Wow!

Stop in to either of our locations and have a Pearl Girl walk you through the Showcase. The possibilities are endless!